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Expect Something Awesome! 🔥 Expect Something Awesome! 🔥

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Video Games

A Short Story

Growing up during the early years of broadband penetration in Nigeria, My dad had just got this new mobile phone with a 2G internet connection. I'd frequently take his phone without his knowledge and surf through myriads of contents on the internet (Most times I got busted when the phone rings, until I learnt there was a mute setting). That little feature phone pricked my interest for Technology, the Internet and Softwares

Several years later, I had gotten myself a PC, taught myself to code, and was fascinated by how powerful technology can be in changing how people live their lives. Today, I am helping drive that change by creating truly engaging and user centered experiences on the Web and on Mobile.

One of such technologies that endears to me is the development of Progressive Web Apps (PWA's). PWA's are Fast, Lightweight, Engaing, Installable without taking much disk space, can work offline and allows for push messaging. Thus it is indeed the technology that'll be adopted by most of the Next Billion Users to come online.

You should know

I am passionate about computer programming. It’s the one thing I think I could do for free.

Cool technologies, cooler gadgets, processing power, plenty of RAM, a clear plan, internet access, headphones and it’s a party for me!

Web Development

I build responsive websites that are highly performant and scalable, designed to make your business stand out online. My works hinges on simplicity with a focus on clean codes, speed and an excellent user experience to create websites that’s both modern and timeless.

Mobile Development

With proficiency in technologies like React Native, I help make beautifully designed mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Product Design

I'm gradually making a transition from engineering into product design, basically because it is important for businesses to build customer centered products that meets the underlying needs of their customers

Tech Skills

I love to take code to production… I love the ‘god’ feeling I get when I see someone served by my innovation.